Featured Artist: Takuhiro Shinomoto (Hasami Porcelain)

Hasami, Nagasaki is one of the foremost pottery districts in Japan. Porcelain was first made in the area almost 400 years ago, during the Edo Period. It was not only distributed all over Japan but also exported to Europe through the port of Nagasaki. The establishment of a mass production system at an early stage ensured reliability in quality and price, and its rich tradition was kept alive. HASAMI PORCELAIN was born under the direction of Takuhiro Shinomoto of Tortoise (Venice, California), whose innovative concept integrates tradition and modernity in tableware. This modular system includes pieces that stack for easy storage. The multi-purpose wood "plates" - a warm contrast to the cool porcelain ceramic - can also be used as coasters and lids. 

Shown: two coffee / tea mugs with one lid; milk pot and sugar pot with one lid each; coffee / tea pot with a coaster and a lid (interchangeable).