Featured Artist: Yuko Uchida (Ovo Ceramics)

Yuka is a Japanese designer who studied print making, architectural design and has worked as an interior designer. She founded OVO CERAMICS in the spring of 2012In her own words: “I deeply enjoy working with porcelain. I find it relaxing and refreshing. Porcelain is an organic material that has been used….since ancient times. When working with it, I want to put another life into this ordinary but beautiful material. With its natural texture and its flexibility, it allows me to focus on shape more than color. I want to bring beauty to the porcelain, and also a modern style to this ancient material.

The dishes are as delicate as eggshells and have the spontaneous quality of folded paper. 

Shown (left to right): Square Plate in Plaid, Bowl in Burlap, Small Plates in Plaid and Burlap, Bowl in Plaid and Square Plate in Burlap.

Square Plate in Burlap and Plaid (one each); Bowl in Plaid and Burlap (one each)

Small Plates in Plaid and Burlap - the perfect resting spots for two Tilandsia (air plants).