Welcome to ACORN!

ACORN is the collaborative creation of Erin Tanaka and Laura Tanaka, mother and daughter native Angelenos. We are inspired by our great weather, the vibrancy of our city and the rugged landscapes that surround and permeate it. We are excited by the insanely creative artists and designers all around us and by people who make useful and beautiful things that make our lives a little happier. We try to do our part to preserve and conserve our limited resources by considering our impact on the planet and reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible (and always striving to do better). 

We are fortunate to have both interior and exterior space, so we can provide almost everything you need for your home and garden (or patio or balcony, as the case may be). Inside, we have a variety of items for your home or office, including indoor plants and related accessories. We also stock more personal items, such as candles, cards and some comestibles, many from local and small-scale producers. Outside, we have a mini garden with plants, pots and all kinds of items for your outdoor rooms and outdoor living, including a carefully edited collection of furniture.

We provide personal shopping services, if you are in need of gifts for events, holidays or clients. Just let us know what you need and your budget.  A bit of lead time helps! We can also provide custom arrangements of succulents and other plants for your home, office, event or to give. 

If there is any way we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.