Featured Artist: Tadahiro Baba

Nambu style cast ironware bottle openers.

Nambu ironware was originally developed about 900 years ago in Japan and was made more prominent by the Nambu clan, in Morioka City, in northern Japan, about 400 years ago. All of the required materials, including iron sand, river sand, clay, lacquer and charcoal were available locally. In their efforts to develop their area culturally and economically, they invited artisans from Kyoto - the capital of Japan at that time - and the cast iron kettles they made became an important part of the traditional tea ceremony.

Tadahiro Baba was born in Kyoto in 1930. He is a Japanese craft designer of objects made in the traditional Japanese Nambu Tekki (cast iron) handicraft. Baba's designs feature fluid shapes with a distinctive modern edge.




Nambu Iron Bottle Opener