Felicidades a Ligia y Francisco!

One of the very fun parts of our job here at Acorn is helping people celebrate happy occasions in their lives. Sometimes that means a special gift for a birthday or anniversary. Sometimes it's a thank you for one friend who did a good turn for another. Sometimes it's the adventure of starting your very first vegetable garden. 

This week we got to put together some beautiful small favors for a bridal shower - a party of 60 people. We also got to do the centerpieces for the tables. Working on this project with the bride's mother was a treat. She's understandably happy for her beautiful and accomplished daughter and is gaining a son-in-law she adores.

We always welcome the opportunity to help our customers with special projects. Please let us know how we can help you.


A favor for each guest: an air plant (Tilandsia) in a votive holder with a bit of moss and a tiny sea shell. This plant can live for years as a happy reminder of a special day.

Centerpieces for the tables