Featured Artist: Jana (Swaine Street Woodworking)

Jana is a woodworker with a background in printmaking and cabinetry. Her philosophy in the kitchen and as an artisan is to reduce clutter: a few carefully chosen kitchen tools made with care can last a lifetime, only improving with age. "There are many pieces in my kitchen…[that] I use everyday that have been in my family for generations. The history of these objects -- that were still so useful, but had years of past behind them -- I wanted to make my cutting boards part of that tradition, build them out of rich wood that had natural variations, unique characteristics that would come out with age."

The cutting boards we are stocking at Acorn are made of of FSC-certified Birch and finished with Swaine Street's hand-blended Rosemary Lemon Cutting Board Oil and Beeswax Polish for protection. They are completely food safe. Although they are super functional as cutting boards, they also make lovely cheese boards for serving and entertaining. Each cutting board is marked by a small emblem such as arrows or antlers.

Round Board with Arrows (shown with Pehr St. tea towels and an air plant)

Rectangle Board with Arrows (shown with one of Laura's arrangements)